"I suffered severely with sciatica throughout my first pregnancy. When I developed sciatica very early on in my second pregnancy, I decided to try acupuncture treatment with Tatjana and it completely cured it within two sessions. This was an amazing result! My pregnancy induced carpel tunnel syndrome was really well managed with treatment too, I felt positive effects immediately. I would absolutely recommend acupuncture treatment with Tatjana. I particularly like Tatjana’s holistic approach to treatment, taking into account all elements of health and wellbeing."


Pregnancy is a time of many changes both emotionally and physically, and it is common to experience some physical discomfort during this time. Acupuncture is a safe, gentle and effective form of treatment throughout pregnancy as it offers drug-free relief for a wide range of pregnancy-related complaints and discomforts. I treat pregnant women for a variety of complaints, including:

morning sickness
tiredness and exhaustion
pelvic and back pain
breech presentation
pre-birth preparation
acupuncture for natural induction
postnatal treatment

Pregnancy can also be an emotionally challenging time. Acupuncture can be very calming and supportive as it helps you to cope better with the change, thereby aiding you to experience as healthy and as comfortable pregnancy as possible.

I have post graduate training in acupuncture for Obstetrics and experience in treating women for a variety of pregnancy-related discomforts.

Breech turning

Finding out that your baby is in the breech position is a difficult experience for most women, but Chinese medicine has a long and proven history for helping to turn breech babies. The optimum time for turning a breech with acupuncture is around week 34 to 36 as there is still enough space for the baby to turn, although babies can still turn after this time. The treatment involves the burning of the herb moxa closely to an acupuncture point on the little toe and will have to be repeated at home afterwards. It is understood to work by stimulating uterine muscles, which in turn encourage the baby to move and find its head down position.

At the breech session we will do the moxa treatment and I will teach you how you or your partner can perform it safely yourself at home. At that session I might additionally offer you some acupuncture to help relax and improve your energy for turning of the baby.

Birth preparation

Pre-birth acupuncture is a safe and optimal way to help prepare both the mind and the body for a calm and efficient childbirth. It is a course of four weekly treatments, starting from week 37 or 38 leading up to your due date. The treatment is comprised of a specific set of points with emphasis on preparing the cervix for labour and optimal positioning of the baby. It is individually tailored to your presenting physical and emotional needs in your final weeks of pregnancy. It will also boost energy and stamina in preparation for labour.

Research and clinical practice show that acupuncture in the final weeks of pregnancy encourages women to go into spontaneous labour around their due date, reduces the length of time in labour and increases the chances of a natural efficient birth.


Natural induction

Acupuncture has been used to promote labour naturally for centuries. Unlike medical induction, acupuncture is a gentle and gradual technique that works by assisting cervical ripening and thus stimulating the spontaneous onset of labour. Acupuncture is not going to force the baby to do something that it is not ready for. It will also bring you into a calm and relaxed frame of mind.

Acupuncture to initiate labour can only be used after pregnancy has gone full term, i.e. from your due date. As acupuncture works cumulatively, for best results I recommend three to four sessions every other day, or even daily depending on your circumstances. Even if a medical induction is necessary, clinical experience shows that women treated with acupuncture have a more efficient labour with minimal intervention. Clients also report, that the treatment relaxed them during that worrisome and frustrating time and helped them to let-go and find peace with the situation and feeling ready for the next step.

Post-birth acupuncture

After the birth of your baby, acupuncture for post-partum is an ideal treatment that can support naturally the healing process of your body, balancing your emotions and restore vitality.

Ideally, acupuncture treatment is given once a week from 2 weeks postpartum for a total of 3 weeks. But even one or two sessions at this crucial time will help you feel more stable and rebuild your systems to ensure healing and recovery after birth.