Restoring health and well-being

Traditional acupuncture is a holistic approach to health derived from ancient Chinese medicine. The mind and body are seen as a system, where the physical, emotional and mental aspects of life are interdependent.

The focus is on the whole individual and each treatment is tailored to your particular circumstances and needs. The aim is to re-balance the flow of energy, promoting physical and emotional wellbeing, optimising overall vitality and quality of life.



Acupuncture can be an effective therapy to restore physical and emotional balance and enhance vitality.

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Women’s Health

A natural therapy that helps to balance the hormonal systems and supports you at every stage of your life.

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A holistic approach to physical and emotional wellbeing.

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Tatjana is a very caring acupuncturist. I feel l leave the sessions more relaxed and restored and with a renewed sense of calm. Acupuncture has been wonderful for my wellbeing at a particularly difficult time of my life.


I really look forward to my treatments with Tatjana. It doesn't matter what I come with on the day, she listens carefully and with empathy before she proceeds with a comprehensive treatment plan. I can feel myself relaxing during the sessions, I feel physical and emotional tension subsiding, and I go home feeling so much better, lighter and happier.


Menopause has not been an easy for me. When I started my acupuncture journey I was a gibbering mess and Tatjana has definitely got me to a much better place. Using the combination of the Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Five Element style of acupuncture, to my mind, works very well. I certainly put Tatjana through her paces but she worked wonders and she never appeared anything but calm and compassionate.


My pregnancy induced carpal tunnel syndrome was really well managed with acupuncture, I felt positive effects immediately. I would absolutely recommend acupuncture treatment with Tatjana. I particularly like Tatjana’s holistic approach, taking into account all elements of health and wellbeing.


I found acupuncture very helpful to support my IVF treatment at every stage. It was also amazing for my general wellbeing and helped me to reduce stress levels during an intense period of my life. Acupuncture treatment with Tatjana made me feel relaxed, content and supported. Tatjana really spends time to understand your situation and goes out of her way to provide a bespoke service. If you are in doubt that acupuncture can help you then try a few sessions with Tatjana first!


I just wanted to say a massive thank you for all of your help over the past 9 months. I loved our sessions, they really allowed me to connect with my beautiful baby-girl and I am sure she is here because of them. Massive thank you for being a positive impact on our journey to a positive pregnancy and birth.


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